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Community Initiatives

CFNEIA’s work is inspired by all people who live in our communities. We’re committed to providing leadership to strengthen communities and making them inclusive places where diverse voices and perspectives create equitable, vibrant places. That means inviting conversation around pressing issues vital to our region’s well-being, using our resources to fund important initiatives, and creating new pathways for collaboration. We are working to fulfill this role, and while we know much work needs to be done and it will not always be a perfect journey, we are here for good for all people in the communities we serve. The initiatives below are areas of focus selected as key components to making this vision a reality.

Racial Equity

We believe all people should be equally seen, heard, valued, and respected. The Community Foundation of Northeast Iowa is committed to fully embracing our core value of inclusion and taking action to end systemic racism and creating equitable communities. We are committed to listening and learning from people of color in our communities and expanding our collaboration with community partners working to end racial disparity, injustice, and inequality.

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Child Care

Child care is a critical component to developing healthy communities and families. High-quality child care is a right for all families, no matter race, sexual orientation, ethnicity, socio-economic status, disability, or religion. CFNEIA seeks to increase equitable, accessible, and sustainable child care opportunities focusing on the child and providing peace of mind to families. 

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The Arts

The arts are a vital facet of our community’s culture. In all forms, the arts provide an outlet for expression, education, entertainment, and economic benefits. CFNEIA is a leader in the movement to raise awareness of the current arts community in Black Hawk County. Through community collaboration, we are working to enrich and enhance an inclusive arts community that amplifies diverse voices and viewpoints and provide access to all residents. 

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Workforce Readiness

Workforce availability has emerged as a priority for Cedar Valley businesses. The expectation is for an increase in jobs, but the workforce necessary to carry out the function of positions is not available. The Community Foundation is currently working with other community leaders to play an important role in creating a more qualified, prepared workforce for the future of Black Hawk County. More information will be available as this plan is further developed. Read the Cedar Valley Chamber and Alliance 2018 Industry Insights on Talent for the Cedar Valley Region of Iowa to better understand the need.

Nonprofit Capacity Building

CFNEIA is already a leader in building the capacity of nonprofits. We have done this through grantmaking, sharing our expertise with our nonprofit partners, programs like our Board Fundamentals workshops to strengthen nonprofit boards, and our leadership role in the Cedar Valley Nonprofit Association. The Community Foundation sees the need to do even more to build a strong community of nonprofits, which in turn leads to a stronger Black Hawk County. Nonprofits are critical to nearly every aspect of our communities and creating a better quality of life for their residents. CFNEIA is currently developing a broader plan to assist our nonprofit partners. More information will be available at a later date.